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In This FREE Training, I’ll Share:
  • 1 powerful tip I have used with hundreds of patients to begin solving your back or sciatic pain now
  • 3 revealing tests to help you determine why your back, sciatic or other chronic pain is happening
  • 4 critical treatments most people are missing when trying to solve their pain
  • 5-step plan to solve pain from head to toe
  • 5 qualities found in most people who have solved their pain
  • The unexpected connection between habits and pain
  • Why previous treatments have been minimally helpful thus far and why you must repeatedly return for more treatments

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About The Host

Rick Olderman MSPT, is a licensed physical therapist, author, speaker, and popular podcaster with clients and followers spanning hundreds of cities around the world.

After wrestling with his own neck and back pain in his early 30’s and struggling to help his chronic pain patients, he eventually cracked the pain code and has committed his life to helping others around the globe solve their chronic, nagging or difficult pain.

Rick is most famous for his recent book, Solving the Pain Puzzle: Cases from 25 Years as a Physical Therapist and his groundbreaking Fixing You® series of books.

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