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Knee Pain.
Stretching Woman.
Kimmie M.

“I just had to share what has happened, on Saturday I was doing my hamstring stretch and my leg went FLAT, as in my knee was not bent at all. This may not sound very significant to anybody but to my spastic legs that is huge!! I wish I would have taken pictures when I started but I never in a million years thought anything like that would happen! …so thankful I found you!! Thank you so much!!!”

Kimmie Was Diagnosed With MS 20 Years Ago...

Since then she’s been struggling with lower body and back pain.

“Muscle spasticity has always been a problem for me because of that.” 

“I went back to school yesterday to set up my classroom for the year, I worked in my classroom for 8 hours straight… Woke up this morning and went for my morning walk and I’m ready to head out the door for another day of classroom prep! I can’t say enough good things about this program!! Thanks so much!!”

I knew exactly how Kimmie was feeling…

Kimmie M.
Man Back Pain.

That's How I Felt When I Suffered
Crippling Back Pain In My 20's...

One day at work, I lifted something and immediately fell to the floor in agony.

I was young, strong and in great shape. How could that happen?

My mind never couldn't grasp the idea that one wrong move led to years of pain and disability. In fact, I couldn’t even board a plane without a wheelchair.

I remember seeing faces of strangers, probably wondering why a guy so young needed a wheelchair. That was a real low point for me.

All I wanted was to feel better. I was consumed with finding someone or something that would help me get my life back.

Unfortunately, none of the things I did helped me, they only gave me temporary relief, living day to day still hurt.

I Knew I Couldn’t Live Like This.
I Had To Unravel My Own Pain Puzzle….

To solve my pain, I decided to become a physical therapist.

My goal during my education was to learn all the inside secrets, so I volunteered for all back pain demonstrations.

The weird thing is, I never found new secrets or methods to heal my back pain.

Scapula Fixing.

After graduate school, I discovered our medical system had failed thousands of other people with chronic pain. The world was full of walking wounded just like me.

It became my mission to discover the cause of chronic back pain and how to fix it.

I wanted to help my patients and myself…

I had to figure it out on my own.

This began my decades-long journey to find the missing knowledge that kept chronic pain a mystery.

I spent years reading and researching, making mistakes, consulting with experts, and investing tens of thousands of dollars to find undiscovered answers….

My pain turned into my passion, even obsession”

Scapula Fixing.

My clinic in Colorado began to gain a reputation for helping “unfixable” cases.

As my clinical results started gaining rapid recognition for helping the "walking wounded" actually improve and often reach a level of full recovery. More and more difficult cases from across the country and abroad filled my appointment schedule.

I also began seeing people via zoom from across the country and around the world. I found that even without my hands-on help, they recovered dramatically from their chronic pain as well, simply by fixing how they were using their bodies.

My life's work is helping people who suffer from chronic knee pain, or other pain, regain their confidence to live pain-free.

Rick Olderman.

I’m Rick Olderman.

Most people know me as the Chronic Pain Coach & Expert.

I help people with difficult chronic pain regain their health and take their life back.

I’m a licensed physical therapist, best-selling chronic pain author, and a “chronic pain recovery warrior” who has helped thousands of women and men around the world recover from unfixable knee pain and live healthy thriving lives.

Through My Own Journey And Working With Clients Across
The Globe, I’Ve Discovered That There Is ONE THING That Prevents People From Improving Their Chronic Knee Pain...

Woman Knee Pain.

Sadly, they’re not even aware of it...

Common Approaches to Solve Knee Pain DON'T WORK...

They're flawed and failing.

Because of this...

It leaves people wondering why they are still in pain and if they will ever be able to be active, play with their children or live a life that isn't dictated by their pain...

To top it off, they never learn the RIGHT approach to actually fix their pain.

That’s why I feel like it’s my duty RIGHT NOW to help YOU AVOID THESE FLAWED & FAILING APPROACHES and develop a new plan for your specific needs.

How do I do that?

I'll Teach You All The Secrets I Discovered
After 20 Plus Years Of Research And Clinic Work
To Fix Chronic Knee Pain

There was a reason I didn’t find the solution to my own pain when I was in school. It was because the entire medical world was only looking at pain from one perspective.

That perspective is what I call component thinking.

Medical professionals get trapped in the “component thinking” cycle. They fixate only on the damaged or painful spot to fix their suffering…

But when pain persists, systems thinking is the game-changer.

We have hundreds of tests and scans in medicine to identify damaged tissues, but zero tests or scans to determine why that damage is happening….

Disc, nerve, or joint problems usually don’t simply happen on their own
– something you’re doing is creating those issues.

Man Knee Pain.

I discovered that when we approach the body as a system, focus must be on our habits which play a significant role in aggravating pain.

This is referred to as Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA)–which basically means your body has forgotten how to be supple and move in a way that reduces tissue breakdown.

Habits are a big part of feeding SMA. So are older injuries, sports, exercise or work habits, even emotional trauma.

If you think about those times your knee pain, hip pain, SI joint pain, sciatica, neck pain and even headaches are triggered, you’ll realize this is linked to simple actions like the way we sit, walk, bend down or how we get out of the car.

I’ll Teach You A Simple 4-Step
Method to Solve Your Pain...


Fixing You®

Knee Pain Bundle. Bundle.

It has helped thousands of people around the world go from being stressed, overwhelmed and worried about their uncertain future....

To feeling CONFIDENT in their actions, knowing exactly what to do and when, boosting their health AND... empowering them to feel strong and capable again.

The Core Of Fixing You® Method Is To…

Woman Who Identifies.

Identify & Understand
Your Pain Pattern

Old Couple Man Back Pain.

Reduce Tension Locking
Your Body In Pain

Woman Stretching.

Build New Habits That
Break These Tension Patterns

Happy Old Couple.

Correct Tight Or Weak
To Reinforce New Movement Patterns

This same Fixing You® Method is what helped James:

James W.

“My knee pain disappeared within a week or two and I am completely without pain now. I also feel stronger and more balanced. ”


”…at this time I'm rarely experiencing the intense knee and hip pain that brought me to your program. I have to be honest and tell you it's been a VERY busy summer for my husband and me and I haven't been very consistent with doing the exercises every day -- so even though I haven't been doing the program consistently, I think that I've trained my body to walk and stand more optimally and doing the exercises 2-4 times per week is keeping my knee & hip pain from returning. ”

Brennan G.

“I rolled my ankle… and noticed pain in my knee about 7-8 months later as I slowly got back into hiking shape. Going downhill was becoming an issue and I also started noticing soreness while at rest. I’m doing more miles now than I was before my initial injury and with no pain!”

I've been where you are now–suffering and confused about what to do next. I know how important it is that you understand how to use all the tools I'll provide you.

Happy Woman.

I’m Sharing
Everything I Know Inside

Fixing You®

It includes videos, audio sessions and workbooks to help you reshape the way you care for yourself and grow stronger…

It will provide the missing information you need to start feeling better.

And because I have been through it all myself…

I understand how difficult it can be to make sense of everything...

I take all the complexity out and break it down in a way that is easy to do and understand.

In My Fixing You®
Home Program You’ll Learn…

Old Woman Stretching.
  • How your body actually works so you will never have to suffer from chronic pain again.
  • To identify the exercises that will relieve your pain the fastest using this powerful strategy
  • How to use your Pain Disability Index to determine where to begin and when to advance in the program
  • How to reduce your chronic pain pattern
  • Your tension patterns and how to reduce them and develop suppleness of movement.
  • Why most people suffer from pain, and how this program can help.
Old Couple Exercise.
  • What habits cause you pain and how to change them.
  • How to see and understand your body like Rick to better overcome your systemic pain.
  • What specific movements you need to do to strengthen and stretch your body to alleviate pain.
  • Lessons in nerve and muscle movements that help you remove pain-causing tension in your system, alleviate stress, and eliminate Sensory Motor Amnesia.
  • Gentle movements that precisely target crucial muscles and joints, effectively addressing pain at its source, without the need for lengthy rehabilitation sessions.
  • Essential knowledge to accelerate your progress by avoiding typical mistakes new chronic sufferers often make
  • What to do when you are feeling 75% better, so you can really re-enter life with confidence.
  • Advanced flexibility and strength techniques to help you return to living your best life.
  • Powerful taping techniques that help reinforce your new way of moving and support your body as it heals
  • And so much more….

There is no other chronic pain recovery program like it in the world.

Thousands of people have implemented the Fixing You® Method and have seen dramatic improvement.

It's an undeniable solution to chronic knee pain.


“Plus, I really like your physical therapy techniques and teaching style.

THANK YOU for your care and helping me and so many other people heal and get back to a healthy and active life.”

Jack Hamilton

“I have sciatica pain in my left hip and leg. I started using your therapy, and I received a great deal of relief after the first session.

I am now pain-free from the sciatica.

I do the therapy about every other day just to be safe. It amazes me how great therapy works.”

This Is A Revolutionary, Proven Process I’ve Used
In My Own Physical Therapy Practice

And it’s helping people go from hopeless to happy. As you read this now, someone is having a breakthrough moment in their recovery.

It took me over two decades to finally crack the code of chronic pain.

I even put my method to task by training other physical therapists and watched them get the same “miracles” I do.

Old Man With Tablet.

In the past, people waited months to get into my clinic…

They invested sometimes hundreds to thousands of dollars in travel to get a private session with me.

But, I don’t want you to have to spend anything like that!

I don’t want you to travel at all. I want you to stay in the comfort of your home.

You already have all the tools necessary to solve your pain, except one–the right information.

As Long As You Join The Fixing You® Program
While You're On This Page

You will gain access
to this
program for as
little as

That's Over 75% Off!

Bundle. Bundle.

Pain Relief Is Just

My Fixing You® Program Includes
These Insights And Tools:

Knee Pain Bundle.
  • Fixing You Method Video and Workbook Guide
  • Accelerate Progress: Avoid Common Pitfalls
  • Pain Disability Index Screen
  • Dissolve Tension with 8 Somatic and Biomechanical Audio Sessions
  • Understanding Your Pain Patterns
  • Pain Insight Healing Checklist
  • Start Smart with Strategic Recovery: Targeted Exercises for Relief
Old Man Exercising.
  • Phase 1 - Gentle Pain Reduction Exercises
  • Pain Reduction Exercise Checklist PDF
  • Better Movement Habits. Better Life Bonus Knowledge
  • Phase 2 - 75% Better Advanced Recovery and Strengthening
  • Advanced Recovery and Strengthening Checklist
  • Advanced Taping & Care Tips for Your Health Practitioner

Because I Know Some People Like To Work On Their Own And Others Want More Guidance I Have Created Two Programs:

Self-Paced Fixing You®

Bundle. Bundle.
  • 25 Guided Videos
  • 8 Somatic Audio Sessions
  • 3 Checklists
  • 1 PDF Workbook

Bonus: Expert Secrets to Fix Stubborn Pain e-book. This ebook explains why a shift in thinking is needed to approach your pain differently and what that shift is.

This choice is best for those who just need to be pointed in the right direction and are highly self-motivated.



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Engaged Recovery Fixing You®

Bundle. Bundle.
  • Everything in Self-Paced
  • 15-minute welcome Zoom with Rick
  • Weekly SMS Check-ins
  • Monthly Workbook
  • Weekly Reserved Group Zoom Calls with Rick

Bonus: The Complete set of Fixing You® Method programs for Hip, Back, Ankle & Foot, Neck Pain & Headaches.

This choice is best for those who may have multiple areas of pain and/or would like more guidance and help navigating their solutions from me.

$147 + $19 / monthly

monthly membership

Payment Cards.

About The Fixing You Method Programs

How is Fixing You® Method Radically Different?

Let’s dive a little deeper. Chronic pain is not just about tight or weak muscles (although that's definitely a part of it), but also about deeper patterns of tension in your body that go unnoticed by most health professionals.

These patterns can develop for a variety of reasons but one of the biggest causes is from how you use your body or sensory muscle amnesia (SMA).

Yes, the simple things you do every day are reinforcing the patterns causing your pain.

Solving your pain will then have three components:

Man And Woman Exercising.

Strategically Target Tight Or Weak
Muscles Contributing To These Patterns

Man And Woman Exercising.

Eliminate Muscular
Along These Patterns

Man And Woman Exercising.

Change How You Use Your Body To Break Down And Prevent Those Patterns From Forming Again

This is likely why you’re still struggling with pain. It's not common knowledge among medical practitioners and healers what these patterns are, let alone why they occur and how to get rid of them.

In order to solve your pain, they only employed component-thinking strategies to focus on stretching and strengthening based on the location of your pain.

It doesn't work because they don't consider how the body works together, from head to toe, as a system.


Medical Education Is Taught By Breaking Down The Body Into Smaller Pieces, As I Learned In Physical Therapy School

Medical Taping.

As an example, the biceps muscle originates from one place and inserts at another and is innervated by this or that particular nerve.

Knowledge of this kind is particularly useful when helping people with ACUTE injuries, which are those lasting less than three months.

CHRONIC PAIN, however, requires a deeper understanding of how the whole body moves and works together.

It requires a “systems” understanding—how different parts of the body, often far away from each other, affect each other and pain.

In my Extra Help video in my program, I even provide taping techniques I’ve developed based on my understanding of how the body works as a system. Taping helps create changes in your body until you’re able to do it yourself.

I even offer techniques your current practitioners can try with you to solve stubborn problems faster.

Fixing You Method Guide That Explains Everything
In The Program, Where To Begin, And When
You Should Advance Yourself

Fixing You On Laptop.

When you join, you’ll have access to that Guide which can be downloaded as a pdf document or you can watch it as series of videos—or both!

It’s important that you understand the powerful tools you’ve been given and best how to use them. You are not on your own.

Once you’ve read the Guide, you’ll see my program is basically broken down into three phases:

Let’s briefly break those down:

Phase 1: Tension Reduction

Skeleton Demonstration.

As you learned in my Masterclass, muscular tension is a huge driver of pain. It basically locks the body into painful patterns of movement.

Tension is created by your brain and nervous system. Stretching doesn’t solve tension because stretching is a mechanical solution to a neurological problem. Instead you need a neurological solution.

That’s why almost everyone who joins my program will begin with the eight somatics audio lessons. I recommend devoting your first week to exploring these lessons.

The Somatics lessons target eight different patterns of problems behind almost all pain. You will likely experience a significant reduction in your pain after the very first lesson.

One or two of these lessons will likely be very important to eliminating your pain. Once you’ve identified that lesson and reduced your tension pattern, bring that lesson with you while exploring the next phase…

Phase 2: Pain Reduction

Old Couple Exercising.

This phase is where you’ll find the strengthening and stretching exercises, as well as the habit and taping recommendations to fix biomechanical problems.

Don’t worry though, unlike what you’ve been trying up till now there will only be a few key exercises you’ll be doing. It should take about 15-20 minutes once you’ve learned the exercises.

Combining the tension and pain reduction exercises your pain should reduce steadily and rapidly. Once it is 75% reduced, you’ll then begin the next phase…

Phase 3: Strength & Restoration

Happy Old Couple.

This phase of your program uses more complex strengthening ideas to prepare you for return to work, household duties, recreation or whatever your goals are. They build off the principles you used to reduce your pain in the first place.

This last phase of your program may last longer than the other two as you explore life after pain. There will likely be ups and downs while doing this but using the Fixing You Method program, you’ve learned why you have pain and how to solve it. So you can apply that thinking to other situations too–this completes your journey.

My goal is not only for you to be pain free but understand exactly how to stay pain free without needing anyone else’s help ever again. You will be in control of your body and mind.

You Probably Have One Question That Pops Out At You
After Looking Over All This, Which Is:

“How will I know when
I’m 75% better?”


Great question! In my program I use an 8-question survey called the Pain Disability Index or PDI to help you assess your pain. This is a standard questionnaire used in most physical therapy clinics. I ask that you fill this out first thing when you first join (it takes about 30 seconds) and then at the end of each week thereafter to track your pain.

I’ve noticed many people forget how much pain they were in once it starts to melt away. The PDI will give you objective feedback about exactly how much better you are becoming. Once you’re 75% better based on your PDI score, you can begin your Strength & Restoration phase.

To help you even more, I include an Overall Pain Checklist where you’ll write down your PDI scores, track the exercises that help you the most, and figure out the deeper questions behind your pain. These questions are what I’d ask you if you were coming to see me in my clinic. Basically this Checklist replaces me and will help you think about your pain correctly.

I can guarantee you’ve never approached solving your pain like this before. And because of that, you’ll get amazing results that you never got before or expect to get now.

The therapists I’ve trained got similar results as me in my clinic.

“This proves that The Fixing You Method is reproducible and not just
some technique or trick only I can employ.”

This is important as it establishes a reproducible, valid outcome so critical to judging clinical results.

Woman With Tablet.

As one of my therapists says, “It’s more comprehensive, yet simpler”

It’s comprehensive because it involves understanding and fixing the body as a system, rather than mere components.

It’s simpler because I’ve discovered chronic pain problems happen in patterns. The same pattern of problems causing sciatic pain in one person, can cause disc problems or one-sided back pain in another. Arthritic changes or SI joint pain in another. Bursitis or knee pain in another.

The pattern manifests differently in different people because of their personal history and body composition. However it’s the same pattern. Fix the pattern and fix your pain.

And it’s helping real people all over the world even as you read this right now…

I Want You To
Success Story

Chiropractic Treatment.

It took years of research and hundreds of thousands of dollars, working with clients around the globe to gather this knowledge and put all this together for you into this simple system…

I believe it’s the most complete, simplest and fastest way to solve your pain. I want you to understand that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN, you simply haven’t had the right information yet. The problem is you’re judging this information based on your past failures and other information you’ve received from practitioners or online that hasn’t helped you yet. If it hasn’t helped you, why would you use that information as the standard by which to judge something new and revolutionary? That just doesn’t make sense.

Instead you must judge my program by the results you’re able to achieve.

Chiropractic Treatment.

I know how hard it is to trust people over the internet... I feel the same way and I don't blame you.

That's why I want you to access the information risk-free. This way, you can access our life-changing FIXING YOU METHOD GUIDE and CHECKLISTS, see the quality of the materials, understand that it can actually help you, and realize that I wouldn't put MY credentials and reputation on the line if my information did not legitimately help people and change lives.

Many other people selling online quick fixes don’t have credentials or reputations at stake because most are not medical professionals.

At this point, I've helped thousands of people around the world. I even have medical doctors and physicians who use these resources for their patients.

Because I Know Some People Like To Work On Their Own And Others Want More Guidance I Have Created Two Programs:

Self-Paced Fixing You®

Bundle. Bundle.
  • 25 Guided Videos
  • 8 Somatic Audio Sessions
  • 3 Checklists
  • 1 PDF Workbook

Bonus: Expert Secrets to Fix Stubborn Pain e-book. This ebook explains why a shift in thinking is needed to approach your pain differently and what that shift is.

This choice is best for those who just need to be pointed in the right direction and are highly self-motivated.



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Engaged Recovery Fixing You®

Bundle. Bundle.
  • Everything in Self-Paced
  • 15-minute welcome Zoom with Rick
  • Weekly SMS Check-ins
  • Monthly Workbook
  • Weekly Reserved Group Zoom Calls with Rick

Bonus: The Complete set of Fixing You® Method programs for Hip, Back, Ankle & Foot, Neck Pain & Headaches.

This choice is best for those who may have multiple areas of pain and/or would like more guidance and help navigating their solutions from me.

$147 + $19 / monthly

monthly membership

Payment Cards.